ART! ART! is a documentary series (13 x 30 minutes) about the history of art in Malta explored through different themes and master-works. Presented by art historian and educator Hilary Spiteri, the series aims at explaining how art, through its various forms, culturally shaped Malta and the Maltese. Beautiful, surprising, compelling and above all, relevant, this awe-inspiring adventure will appeal not only to art lovers, but to anyone who has ever wondered about our place in the world. Each episode, will tackle an array of subjects ranging from the joy of life to death, folklore and religion to politics and propaganda. Spiteri journeys around the islands visiting different places of interest and private homes, exposing a selected number of masterpieces which will be analysed and presented to viewers in a fresh, evocative and casual manner. This series attempts to show art from an utterly different perspective free from the boundaries of conventional arts programmes to engage the imagination of an inquisitive modern audience.